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Law Firm Marketing Grows Up

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In the last few decades, few cases have impacted the legal profession like Bates & O’Steen v. State Bar of Arizona in 1977, which allows lawyers to solicit business and promote their services, and eventually brought open competition.

Initially, law firms borrowed techniques from product marketers and used similar tools — including brochures, newsletters, seminars and ads — to increase awareness among clients and prospects. But the philosophy differs between these two groups: After all, practices have no tangible goods to sell.

Unlike product companies you cannot, for example, offer 0% financing to generate additional traffic into your firm. Instead, you must create a client-focused process to develop existing relationships and attract prospects. To ensure your practice meets this goal:

  • Identify client and market segment needs,
  • Develop services to meet those requirements,
  • Create internal processes to make your firm more efficient than competitors,
  • Use newsletters, advertising and other vehicles to communicate to clients how your practice can meet their needs, in terms of both quality and timeliness,
  • Deliver high-quality work on time, and

Follow up with clients to determine their satisfaction and cross sell other firm services.

This course of action can work no matter your firm size. For instance, one practice hosts a live Internet chat, allowing its clients to ask questions.

The secret is to integrate marketing efforts into every area of your law firm. It may be helpful for you to think of the marketing process as an assembly line. Raw material, such as your practice’s collective knowledge from lawyers, enters at the beginning and a final product comes out the other side. Only, in your case, the result is your services.

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